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Rodolphe Charrier
Assistant Professor in Computer Science
RI2C Team
University of Le Havre

Current Position

I have been doing my research since 2005 on the study of collective behaviors within reactive multi-agent systems in an abstract way. This research is dedicated to the field of Swarm Intelligence and Complex Systems. The key concepts are based on synchronization processes occurring between chaotic agents and parametrized decentralized control in individuals. This work led me to achieve a PhD on these topics late 2009 (cf. Research).

My current position as assistant professor at University of Le Havre Normandie in computer science since 2011 allowed me to carry on my research as well as teach in higher education.

At the present time, my research is focused on :

  • propagation of information on complex interaction networks
  • cascading failure modeling
  • reactive multi-agent systems for crowd modeling
  • time series analysis by means of information theory tools
  • dynamic graphs study
  • emotional contagion/nervosity propagation modeling within crowds

For further details look at my short CV .

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